Best windbreaks to run this winter

We put to the test the last Windbreaker Jacket to run this winter and we tell you what can be the most interesting material options.

It has cost us more than the account that this comparative saw the light, because as you know until just a month ago has not arrived the cold, some water, that is to say minimum conditions of demand for these second layers, which continue to evolve year after year and that make us forget with a certain nostalgia for those traditional sweatshirts worn by runners a decade ago.

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As always, variety in the design, in the benefits … every time lighter (in general) and for all the pockets according to the use that is going to give them. By the way, folding windbreakers or raincoats have become fashionable, something widespread decades ago, when we went to school.

Here we leave the last windbreaks that we have tried so that, if you want to invest in one, be clear about the strengths and weaknesses of brand new features for this running season:

ADIDAS Response Hooded

Lightweight windbreaker without showoffs but effective with a zipper and hood attached with elastic. Includes a longer back hem and a hidden side pocket with zipper. It has a reflective detail on one sleeve and another on the front logo.

Elastic adjustment of the cuffs, we recommend taking a size less than usual, because it gives a lot of size. It protects correctly, although the evacuation of sweat is not the best. Classic cut, ideal for those looking for austere clothing. Available in black or light blue.

€ 69.95

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ASICS Fuzex Packable Jacket

It is a windbreaker jacket made of nylon ripstop with high protection against snags. It also offers good protection on days of light rain, not compromising the breathability of the jacket, since it evacuates very well thanks to its opening in the back.

It is highly compactable and very light, being able to be completely collected in one of its pockets in a simple way, so it is suitable for those races in which they force us to take it over and use it if the weather gets complicated.

The adjustment of the cap has been improved significantly compared to previous models, thanks to the adjustable elastic handles. It is also provided with small reflective to be seen during night workouts, so globally, thanks to everything we can say that it is a highly recommended garment.

€ 90

GORE Mythos Windstopper Light

We have tried here the feminine model, of cut adjusted, very light and easy to fold and to collect in almost any hollow. It has all the seams (flat) to avoid friction.

Made 100 per 100 in polyamide, with Gore Windstopper membrane that offers a magnificent protection against cold and wind without impeding the arm and exercise (Active Shell) and also has a hydrophobic treatment that holds water.

Reflective print on sleeves and side, plus the logo of the brand ahead. It has elastic cuffs and adjustable waist width thanks to an interior handle.

The front closure has adjustment and protection to avoid friction and has two comfortable side pockets with zipper as well as the inner neck forum in a softer fabric. Many details of a great garment, which penalizes its high price. Available in gray and pink

€ 179.95

HOKO Kaidan II

Lightweight windbreaker jacket with built-in hood. Its fabric is slightly elastic and has a tight pattern that is very comfortable. It is soft to the touch, not as rigid as other windbreaks and has a reversible back pocket, which allows you to store it taking up very little space and with a wide rubber to be able to transport it comfortably.

Manufactured with Ripstop polyamide (anti snag), which makes inserting thicker gauge yarns to achieve greater resistance to tearing. His pattern is longer behind.

It is not a rain jacket but the fabric has a hydrophobic coating that is able to withstand a fine rain in addition to stopping the wind. Elastic finishes on cuffs, waist and hood for a better fit. It has a zipper with a locking system and a back reflective detail in the pocket.

Being so fine is suitable for almost the entire year, and has offered us a good protection with bad weather. Available in white or red colors.

€ 65

MIZUNO Impulse Impermalite

Although its weight does not reach 150 grams, its Impermalite fabric prevents the passage of rain and wind, while allowing the necessary perspiration to run without stress on fresh days.

Like the great majority of garments of this type, in case of intense and / or persistent rain we check that it ends up by setting, since it does not have the seams sealed, but even so it supposes a very good protection and avoids cooling.

As a detail, the pocket of the upper chest also serves as a compression sleeve for storage. When you do it is reduced to a fist-sized bulge, which you can carry in your hand while you run.

It has fists with a 360º reflective trim and the Mizuno logo on the chest also reflects the light, we miss an extra reflective on the back and maybe a hood for the most hostile conditions.


JOMA Hybrid II

A Joma bet to facilitate training on windy and cold days, even with fine rain has good behavior.It incorporates Micro-Mesh fabric, to favor the evaporation of sweat.

 The Toledo company has been working with this fabric for a few years and it has worked well. Great fit with elastic cuffs, hems and hood. Being a second layer, does not hinder running with the inclemencies of time. Visible at dusk with reflective points.

And attractive, with a mixture of tonalities and inverted zippers in two colors. Price more than adjusted.

€ 40

We have tested the model for men and women, with the same characteristics, changing the female pattern and with a slight nuance of the color edging (green the masculine and pink the feminine). Made of polyester with 10% elastane. It has two zones with differentiated tissue in the back and armpits, with a small grid to facilitate ventilation.

It has two medium side pockets with zip and elastic handle and one of them serves to store the garment, adding an elastic bracelet that allows us to pick it up and hold it in the hand efficiently. It is very light (120 g).

Another important detail is that the sleeves are incorporated at the end gloves, mitten type with exit for the fingers and elastic end that protect us from the cold. In one of the sleeves, at the height of the wrist, it also has an opening to see the clock at all times.

The waist also has a wide elastic for better fit. Reflective details on the elastic cuffs and waist and on the back dorsal.

It protects well from the cool, although evidently it is not a Windstopper and also endures the finest rain. Once again and according to the use you are going to make of the garment, the price-quality ratio of Kalenji is your great letter of introduction.

€ 29.99

NEW BALANCE Reflective Light Packable

The garment stands out for its lightness and for an impressive reflective (that really hallucinates anywhere in the dark, both in the sleeves with some strips, as with the name of the brand running all the way back), in fact both characteristics are reflected in the name of the pledge. It is a tight cut windbreak that folds easily in the chest-enabled pocket, with a handle to be able to be held or hooked in this way.

The cuffs have partial elastic hem and the waist is adjustable with handles. It has the built-in hood, but thanks to a back strap with clasp closure you can pick it up and leave it folded (although it is not sealed in a compartment). The hood can also be adjusted as desired thanks to a handle.

It has good protection against cold although it is a very thin garment and endures a soft rain. Another point in its favor is the attractive design, also with a variety of colors to choose from in both sexes, highlighting the light green tone for women and a more traditional black for men, also available in the female model.

It has subtle posterior lateral holes to facilitate evacuation. But more than this what it achieves is a very fast drying after the effort with sweating (NB Dry)

€ 120

SALOMON Bonatti Pro

The jacket is made by a fusion of fabrics that are characterized by their resistance, lightness and breathability more than remarkable for low and medium intensity efforts. Motion Fit technology gives the garment an elasticity that is appreciated when we run favoring a correct race mechanics.

And if you increase the pace and need a ventilation plus the strap with clasp at chest height allows you to run with the zipper down without the jacket opening with movement.When choosing the size should take into account that it is a third layer to protect us from the weather so it should not be too tight.

The zipper is tight and the thermosets are very good, which helps keep the body dry. The design, finishes and extras are at the height of a top jacket. The logo and the stripes of the right shoulder are reflective and the chest pocket with double zipper allows you to fold it and keep it on itself by closing the pocket on the outside again.

€ 219.99


Saucony’s Vitarun jacket has been tested both in temperatures with few degrees (first hour of the morning) and in lighter temperatures of noon and we have tested it in male and female model.

 The response has been very positive as it combines the breathability of a summer jacket with the protection of the inner fleece of a winter jacket. We liked that, despite its black color that does not make us very visible in low light conditions as the winter season, it has reflective details very careful in cuffs, waist and back.

It has punched fists to introduce the thumb and keep a point as vulnerable and quickly cooled as well-sheltered hands. Its Drylite fabric has waterproof areas, which comply well with your paper, to ensure you return home dry on rainy days.

It also has side pockets and inner zipper to store keys and gels. It fits perfectly to the body and although at first it may seem a little thick, the truth is that it is ultratranspirable, (we give faith that you do not soak it as you sweat as we have to use it on days not as cold as the most recent) and manages to protect you perfectly from the cold and the wind.

The materials with which it is made (Flex Shell) give a flexible touch for comfort at the time of the arms or stretches.

€ 90


Windbreaker very light and sober, and this is even an exception in the world runner in which the bright colors stand out, both in black and lime green. It has an almost perfect fit. We say ‘almost’ because the size is small, so you’ll have to buy a slightly larger one than what you usually use.

In terms of useful features, its performance is optimal: it is very warm despite its tremendous lightness (110 g), ideal to carry in the trail backpack for competitions, and in case of rain the design of the hood is great, thanks to the rubber system that fits perfectly to the head, without disturbing. Comfortable, reliable and waterproof.

 A “must” for your trail equipment. Or even for day to day, because you can carry it in your computer backpack in any compartment.

€ 99.90

Joma Metropolis

The Toledo brand presents a raincoat for rainy days and training where a last layer is necessary for the wind. More than valid qualities of impermeability, sealed seams, reflective details in hood and sleeves, front chest pocket and detachable hood for days that are not necessary.

 To highlight its ventilation system in the back to promote perspiration, Micro-Mesh fabric and just one but, in long shoots (unfortunately and the vagaries of climate change we have not tried it on very cold days) you can see a certain lack of perspiration in some areas of the garment such as arms.

Price 18.50 Euros

Joma Olympia Flash

In this case it is a traditional waterproof jacket of the Spanish firm, that is to say that it achieves good protection against the real rain, but that used without rain it can become overwhelming because its transpiration is not like in other garments, although it carries the Micro- Mesh It has a built-in hood.

Reflective details, zip pockets and hood and waist adjustment. Elastic cuffs that fit well. Although the masculine and feminine model have the same name and similar features, it has nothing to do with the attractive and current design of the model for women, with the sober Olympia for men. The price is not the same
Price: 60 euros (woman), 50 euros (man)

One Gore-Tex Active Run

Undoubtedly the most revolutionary and novel of everything we have tried. The flag garment of the lightweight and breathable Gore-Tex Active. With Gore-Tex membrane all the main fabric, but with polyamide inner cover achieves a surprising evacuation of sweat, enduring showers of aurum the outer layer.

We have verified what your Youtube videos show, that the water stays accumulated in droplets and shaking the jacket with some fussiness to get the water to stop being accumulated there (Shakedry technology).

The hem is elastic to achieve a better fit and also the cuffs. It has a front pocket on the left side with zipper, with a pendant to facilitate the closure that serves to store the folded garment and also to store objects. With large reflective logos on the front, sleeves and back, it has a tight, elastic hood, which does not bother you while not using it because you do not have much flight.It impresses its lightness (118 g) and its ability to repel water and perspiration, something that I had not yet seen in any Gore Tex garment. The price makes it available to a privileged few.

Price 18.50 Euros

Asics Lite-Show Winter

It is a highly recommended technical garment for the coldest and rainiest days of the year. Its waterproof layer on arms, shoulders and front (ASICS Motion Protect technology is applied in these areas) makes it perfectly protected and warm despite the cold and rain, as the properties of the fabric cause the temperature to be maintained corporal although the external one is very low.

In the most adverse conditions of visibility it becomes a Premium garment, since it allows us to be seen when running thanks to the Lite-show print on the front of the jacket. The pattern recalls hundreds of small fireflies spread across the front of the jacket. With a very attractive design and minimalist lines, this jacket has a special charm to use as a “sport” garment to wear.

The finish is very careful, with details such as sleeves that fit perfectly in the area of the cuffs so you do not get cold or water in that area, zippered pockets or protection for the chin on the front zipper closure.

Price 18.50 Euros

Asics Accelerate Jacket

We loved this windbreaker, female model, designed to run the coldest days. It fits superbly to the trunk to prevent the air from penetrating and generate that annoying feeling that the icy wind “attacks” us with each stride, rather on the contrary, manages to create a warm body climate but without going over to enjoy even during the most long

It is also very practical the large number of pockets, which will make it easy to transport your phone, your keys and even your documentation; and the zippers that discover holes to increase the perspiration on both sides of the trunk, especially if during the training we hit a good heater.

Price 18.50 Euros

Asics Jacket Woman

Very light and soft, it is literally, as if you were not wearing anything, but the truth is that you carry a real barrier against wind and water, because the fabric of this jacket is made of water and wind resistant material to which they add reflective details in the back and in the logo on the front to ensure visibility.

It has two zip pockets, has a chin guard to prevent chafing on the face and has heat sealing also on the cuffs for a smooth and frictionless fit. If it’s especially cold, you can wear it with a long-sleeved shirt underneath, and if it rains, do not doubt that it will be your best guarantee to not soak throughout your kilometers.

Price 18.50 Euros


Tips to preserve vitamins from your vegetables

Vegetables are very rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins, which is why it is very important to eat them daily for a balanced and healthy diet.


The fibers contained in vegetables are resistant elements, unlike minerals and vitamins which are very fragile and very sensitive to air, heat and light.

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Here are some tips and tricks to preserve as much of the vitamins contained in your vegetables.


As soon as you buy your vegetables, wash them under a stream of cold water with a brush and baking soda or vinegar to remove pesticide residues. Avoid soaking in water. Vitamins and minerals will escape into the cleaning water.

If, however, you notice that your vegetables need to be soaked in water to remove more chemical residues, soak them in water for a few minutes and then put them in a colander.

As for leafy vegetables, dip them for a few minutes in water where you will have added baking soda or vinegar and then let drain.

Vegetable cleaning removes pesticides, microbes and bacteria. The use of vinegar is very favorable considering the large amount of chemicals used today. The antibacterial and antiseptic action of the vinegar makes it possible to eliminate the elements invisible to the naked eye.

Preparation & Cooking

Avoid peeling your vegetables, the vitamins are mostly present at the level of the skin. It is therefore advisable to scratch them under a jet of water to remove pesticide residues or to use an eco knife for a fine peel.

Avoid cutting vegetables into small pieces or shredding them to limit contact with air and oxidation of vitamins. You can add a lemon juice on your cut vegetables to stop their oxidation.

Prefer steam cooking, because it is short and avoids direct contact of vegetables with water. Vitamins are therefore better preserved.
If you opt for cooking with water, do not throw the broth! Think of using it in your soups or sauces.

If you are greedy and like sauteed vegetables, do it as quickly as possible. And make sure your vegetables stay a little crisp.

Baking is the sworn enemy of the vitamins contained in your vegetables. Try the soft-foil papers. Evaporation is limited in this case.

By following these little tricks, you will preserve enough vitamins in your vegetables and will benefit much more from their nutritional intakes.

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Storage & Conservation

To protect your vegetables from light and heat, store them in waterproof packs and store them in the crisper of your refrigerator.

Avoid storing vegetables in the refrigerator for a long time. Buy them in small quantities for fast consumption. You will benefit more from the vitamins of fresh vegetables than from those stored several days in your refrigerator.

Fresh conversation is not the same for all vegetables, some should not be stored in the refrigerator, others may, but for a very short time, etc. Here are some examples:
Onions: Store in a dry, cool and dark place. Wash only before preparation.

Broccoli: Store in a refrigerator in the vegetable tray.

Aubergines: Store in a refrigerator but not at a low temperature because they turn brown.

Red Beets: Pack in paper and put in refrigerator.

Potatoes: Potatoes should not be refrigerated, but put in a dry, dark and cool place. They can be kept long if they are away from moisture.

Pepper: Store in a refrigerator for up to one week. But be careful, if it becomes soft it is that it has lost enough vitamins during its conservation

Tomatoes: They bear badly the cold and lose their nutritive supplies when they are stored in the refrigerator. It is therefore necessary to place them in a bowl and to protect them from the light.

If, however, your tomatoes are ripe, you can keep them in the refrigerator to prevent them from molding and that they do not contaminate the other tomatoes … Yes, we must not forget that tomatoes are fruits … had !!